Adventures for the Very Broke: the Barnard Library Zine Collection!

Yesterday we went on a field trip to the Barnard Library Zine Collection! VERY EXCITING. You can come next time if you want. Technically the library is not open to regular sorts of persons--by which we mean non-Barnard students, but now we have sort of implied that Barnard students are irregular, which we did not mean to do, oops, sorry. Anyway. You can email the very lovely Zine Librarian, Jenna, and make an appointment, if you are not a student, and she is awesome! So if you are nice and polite she will let you come look at the zines. They are all catalogued very nicely, by Jenna herself, and there are LOTS OF THEM. (Including the Rejectionist's own zine! We are not going to tell you which one it is, you will have to guess. Okay, for serious, if any of you actually go to the Barnard Library we will tell you.)

We have our own very tiny Personal Zine Library, but it is nothing compared to the Barnard one--plus, it is such a thrill to go and discover items that are available nowhere else, or zines you heard of as a young pup but could never track down, or zines by people who were your friends way back in the day and who you forgot about altogether. And, of course, it is also quite delightful to find new zines by fabulous people who are making them now.

Here is the library:

Here is the zine collection:

Here is the output of one of our favorite zine ladies of all time, the superluminary Emily Larned, who started making zines in the early 90s and is now a very fancy Book Artist and general rad lady. Her writing is, like, our favorite. You can try and track these down but you won't find them, LOOKS LIKE YOU WILL HAVE TO COME TO NEW YORK, SORRY:

Well, you know, there's this one:

This is like the best lady bike zine ever (we actually own it, and have hung on to it through six or seven moves):

This one is very pretty! We are an idiot and forgot to write down what it was called:

This one will ring some bells for our fellow old ladies in the house:

Here is Indulgence, by Eleanor Whitney, who has also been making very lovely zines for years and years:

Now you are all jealous of our field trip and want to have one of your very own, don't you? YOU DO. Thank you, Jenna, for being such a splendid hostess!

ABC No Rio in New York also has a zine library, which we keep meaning to visit. Lots of cities that are not New York have them--including Portland's very fabulous IPRC, where we used to work, and which is filled to the brim with excellent persons. You can get zines on the tinterwebs at Doris Doris Doris and Stranger Danger Distro, among other places.