The Dog Ate Our 30 Days of Creativity Post

Happy Friday, dear creatures! For our Creativity project this week we have been taking photos with our Holga camera, as we mentioned last Friday, and we were all set to pick up our pictures this afternoon and scan them for a thrilling post for you all. BUT. First we had to have an Exciting Fancy Lunch Meeting, and THEN we got stuck in an Epic Deluge, which we were forced to wait out in th 26th street Buffalo Exchange, and THEN we had to try some pants on (WHAT??? They were TEN DOLLARS), and THEN we had to get our pictures, and THEN we thought we should maybe go into a Sephora for the first time, since our friend Tahereh was totally appalled that we had never been in one, and THEN we had a total brain overload (HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT PART OF YOUR FACE THAT STUFF GOES ON, OH MY GOD, THERE IS SO MUCH OF IT, we have like EVEN MORE respect now for ladies who are good at makeup), and THEN on the train back to Brooklyn we were standing in front of a little kid who was making his hand into a cell phone and saying into it "Who's your boss? I'm your goddamn boss, sonny," and THEN when we FINALLY got home just now WE REALIZED WE HAVE TOTALLY FORGOTTEN HOW TO USE THE SCANNER, which is mildly embarrassing but true. But you know, to be honest, we are kind of inept with the Holga camera anyway, so you aren't missing much. Why don't you look at our friend Weston's amazing Holga pictures instead.

But maybe some of you are far better bloggers than we, and made some delightful Projects, and wrote about them today! Post 'em if you got 'em, and have a very fine weekend indeed, Author-friends!