Scenes from a Life

SCENE: The #10 bus from Downtown Seattle to Capitol Hill. REJECTIONIST is seated, quietly reading her book. TEENAGE GIRL #1 and TEENAGE GIRL #2 board the bus.

TEENAGE GIRL #1: There's nowhere to sit!

TEENAGE GIRL #2: You remember that time I played the pregnancy card and people gave me their seat all day? That was so funny.

TEENAGE GIRL #1: People are such suckers for pregnant chicks. I should write a novel about a girl that pretends she is pregnant all the time so that people get up and give her their seat? But then there is this guy that rides the bus all the time that she falls in love with, but he thinks she's pregnant so he never hits on her, but he's totally in love with her too so he does all these things to show he cares about her. Ummm, he would bring her flowers. Or he would put flowers all over her seat on the bus. Or a balloon. And then she finally tells him that she isn't pregnant because she wants to get with him, and then he feels betrayed and they have a fight about it because of her lies. Like maybe the fight would be on the bus? But then their love overcomes it.

(REJECTIONIST puts away her book. REJECTIONIST takes out a notebook and begins to scribble furiously, glancing covertly at TEENAGE GIRL #1 and TEENAGE GIRL #2, who do not notice.)

TEENAGE GIRL #2: That would be such a good book.

TEENAGE GIRL #1: But then it turns out the guy is really a girl.

TEENAGE GIRL #2: A girl?

TEENAGE GIRL #1: Yeah, a girl, because it's Capitol Hill so that makes sense. But then they want to have a baby and the girl who lied can't get pregnant, like that's the twist? Like she lied so much and now it will never come true.

TEENAGE GIRL #2: Why would they have a baby if they were gay?

TEENAGE GIRL #1: Gay people have babies. All the time. Actually though he'll be a boy, because my book has to have sex scenes.

TEENAGE GIRL #2: Gay people definitely have sex.

TEENAGE GIRL #1: Yeah, but I want my book to be the kind of book people buy.

TEENAGE GIRL #2: Will there be a sequel?

TEENAGE GIRL #1: I don't believe in sequels. Except for the Twilight saga, that was a great saga.

TEENAGE GIRL #2: You have to commit for there to be sequels. Like J.K. Rowling, she really committed. You have to have a whole vision.

TEENAGE GIRL #1: Those books are for kids.

TEENAGE GIRL #2: But she committed, you know? She, like, really committed. Like a lot.

TEENAGE GIRL #1: I could write such a good novel.

TEENAGE GIRL #2: You totally could. It would be so good.

(The bus arrives at REJECTIONIST's stop. REJECTIONIST exits the bus. TEENAGE GIRL #2 takes her seat.)