You're So Obsessed You're Becoming a Bore

We have a problem! You know this! With books, we mean. A Book Problem.

Fig. 1: Books Brought With Us to Seattle Self-Awarded Writing Residency:

Fig. 2: Books Currently In Our Possession at Seattle Self-Awarded Writing Residency:

You will notice a KEY DIFFERENCE between these two figures, which is that Fig. 2 IS LARGER. This is because WE KEEP BUYING MORE BOOKS. Like someday there is going to be an episode of Hoarders, in thirty years or so, and a tiny decrepit Rejectionist will be peering out from piles of books that stretch from the floor to the ceiling in all directions, remarking that she has not eaten in a number of weeks because there are so many books it is no longer possible to move from her current position, and could you be a dear and pop down to WORD and pick up the new Henning Mankell for her, which she will read just as soon as she gets through this little stack.

Anyway! Clearly, when a person has A LOT of books, what that person needs is MORE books, is what we just decided, especially if that person has literally zero dollars and is spending this month living off her credit card, JUST THIS MONTH don't worry about us or anything,** we will be fine, but we are telling you this just because, you know, if we are ALREADY living off our credit card we might as well have some MORE BOOKS. This is called a "fiscally sensible position." Also many of these additions are from the truly amazing selection at the Ballard Goodwill* and the Value Village on Capitol Hill (that Value Village is so awash in treasures!). So technically we are SAVING MONEY, do you see how that works. Of course you do! You are our friends!

There is a point! We are getting to it! Hang on! The point is that we did not entirely waste our time in Portland being grumpy and eating hamburgers; we also went to Powells! And you are all like HIGHWAY TO THE DANGER ZONE, Rejectionist, and we are like WHAT, SORRY? THIS TANA FRENCH IS ON SALE! OOOOOH A NOVEL ABOUT TEENAGERS! We were with our dear friend Gigi, who found a copy of St. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves (have you read that? You should!), and when we got back to her apartment, what did we find inside it? A little bit of magic, is what.

Fig. 3:

Fig. 4:

Fig. 5:

[hey, hi, hello there, I'm leaving this letter to you inside this book because it's one of my favorites. Last year I found it on the bookshelf and thought the cover was neat. Even though you're never supposed to base a book by a cover, I decided that I'd buy it for that reason alone. As I read through it I had a strong feeling that every story was somehow attached to my life or day or feelings or whatever. I can't say I've ever had (Back -->) magic goggles or a gator wrestling sister but all those things felt strangely relevant to me. I hope you have a similar experience, or if not then I just hope you like it enough to pass it along. Enjoy fellow reader! K. fry (K. fresh)]

Is that magic or what? We are so enamored now with the idea of stealth love letters to readers tucked inside our favorite books at the bookstore. Are you in? What books would YOU leave love letters in?

*While we were typing this we thought, OOOH, what if there are NEW BOOKS at the Ballard Goodwill, and then took a break to get on our bicycle and ride up there, where we purchased a bunch more of those Kinsey Millhone mysteries (remember those! So awesome!) and a super-trashy Janet Fitch novel, DELICIOUS.