We went and saw this movie with Support Team last night and basically we cannot even tell you in words how awesome it is, or how hilarious, or how charming, ALSO SCARY, GOOD LORD, you would not think a low-budget alien monster that is pretty much a carpet with teeth would be QUITE SO SCARY, and basically if your thing is "Gremlins" and "battling scary aliens" and you are a "big nerd" we will bet money you will love it too. Also the people sitting behind us in the theater spent the previews debating which Cylon was the most complex ("The thing that I don't understand, though, is why Six has such weird outfits" "Cylons don't dress like normal people, dude") which made us love the whole world extra.

But also? The thing about this movie? Is that NEARLY EVERY SINGLE PERSON who gets to be brave/awesome/resourceful/tough/clever/funny is a young person of color (mostly boys, but the young ladies also have their moment). Also there is a grownup white lady who gets to be tough and brave, too. The grownup white dudes? Not so much. When was the last time you saw THAT in a movie? Uh, yeah, us neither. Like, it's gonna melt your face right off, we promise, and the jokes are AMAZING, and there is all kinds of smart commentary about race and class worked in, plus lots of moral complexity, and it is just--well, if you are a nerd who is not a white dude, and you spend a lot of time setting aside the person that you are in order to enjoy the genre that you love, it's just kind of nice to sit back, relax, and know the jokes are not going to be at your expense. Here's a longer review over at Racialicious.