Dear Superior Person

Oh dearest Rejectionist,

I have been following your exalted blog for years, since its very inception. During such time, I have discovered we have very similar tastes in drinks (whiskey), music (Amon Amarth), movies (LOTR), and politics (in which thinking is encouraged).

I write now with a dire need. I have recently acquired tickets to see Skeletonwitch at the Worcester Palladium in Massachusetts.I will tell you what: I don't get out much. I haven't felt like I wanted An Outfit that is not A Business Suit in quite some time. But for Skeletonwitch, I am eager to pull out all the stops. I wonder if you might be able to point me in the direction of a shop or a website that peddles lovely garments for extra-curvy ladies, who like a heavy dose of metal in their tunes and want to be a little more dressed up than jeans and a black t-shirt.

Many, many thanks for any help you can provide.

We almost dropped the ball on this one! MALAISE, etc.! But you have NINE DAYS to get your outfit together still, we have learned this from the Google, so perhaps all is not yet lost! We cannot fail such a noble and loyal Author-friend!

So! We outsourced this question, as our experience of Internet Shopping is limited to "obsessively googling band tshirts on Ebay," which we think is not perhaps what you had in mind (ALTHOUGH, can we say, "giant falling-apart band shirt + the tightest pants you can get into + way too much jewelry" is a solid look on anyone of any size and gender, in our humble (and, granted, unemployable) opinion). HOWEVER, it seems from the general tenor of your question you are looking to, as we say in the big city, "step it up a notch." Here is a report from a dear friend of ours who is possessed of Enviable Assets, always looks fantastic, and knows her online shopping: has awesome stuff, but some of it is retro to the point of being kind of costume-y. doesn't have a huge selection but the things they do have are pretty carefully curated and really gorgeous. is AMAZING, their dresses can be pricey but everything is beautiful, classic, and extremely well made. carries lots of different brands and has a wide selection of dresses and other fun things like unmentionables. And actually has such a wide selection that I can always find a couple of basic but flattering pieces there--at least two of the dresses I own that get the most use are from overstock.

May we also direct you to stone fox Nicolette Mason, whose blog is a smorgasbord of excellent fashions, and who also has a list of online stores that carry a full range of sizes. Happy thrashing!

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