So! I will leave it up to you, dear readers, to decide whether it is a coincidence that this year INTERNATIONAL RAISTLIN MAJERE DAY falls on Easter Sunday, AHEM. I am here in my apartment, on this glorious spring day in New York, with none other than magical man of mystery Raistlin Majere himself. Raistlin, it's such an honor--do you want to say hi?

RAISTLIN: Flowers bloom, only to fade. Trees drop green leaves, never to regain them. In my sight, it is always winter, always night.

REJECTIONIST: Well, right, okay, but it is super nice out right now. We could go to the park or something later.

RAISTLIN: Looks are as deceptive as a light-fingered kender.

REJECTIONIST: Uh-huh. Do you need a drink or something? (REJECTIONIST rummages around) I have whiskey. I bought glasses yesterday and everything. So, it's been a rough few weeks in the world, right? I mean, I am having some pretty amazing times personally, but I don't want to get complacent or stop working for social change. You know? I mean, even when you were achieving a lot in your professional life, you were still deeply involved in revolutionary activities, wouldn't you say?

RAISTLIN: Hope is the denial of reality. It is the carrot dangled before the draft horse to keep him plodding along in a vain attempt to reach it.

REJECTIONIST: Oh, for sure. I don't mean a false sense of hope or anything. I mean, it just seems really important to me to be extra committed to a radical ethos--there are so many fucked-up things happening right now that it can be hard not to get swallowed by despair, but I think if we are just super loud and super visible and super brave we can make a little bit of a difference, right?

RAISTLIN: I have given you the charm. The things of darkness cannot harm you, not so long as I am here.

REJECTIONIST: Oh, gosh, you didn't have to do that. That's very sweet, thank you. So, I mean, even though you can be kind of cranky sometimes, you're definitely a fighter too, right?

RAISTLIN: Life is dangerous. Just stepping out that door is dangerous! You cannot hide me from danger. Death floats in the air, creeps through the window, comes in with the hand-shake of a stranger. If we stop living because we fear death we have already died.

REJECTIONIST: I'll take that as a yes. But we have to take care of ourselves too, right? And love ourselves and make a space to rest and be around people who care about us and make us feel safe. That's so important, too. We have to remember it's okay sometimes not to fight every single second. Sometimes we have to--

RAISTLIN: (Does a little dance)

REJECTIONIST: Yes, exactly. So you'd say you're in it for the long haul, right? The whole activism thing?

RAISTLIN: I will do this. Nothing in my life matters except this. No moment in my life exists except this moment. I am born in this moment and if I fail I will die in this moment.

REJECTIONIST: Awesome, dude. It's hell of dope to have the Master of Past and Present on your side when you're fighting injustice.

RAISTLIN: I must travel roads that will be dark and dangerous before the end of my long journey. I cannot ask you to go with me.

REJECTIONIST: As if, Raist! I totally have your back on dark and dangerous roads. Hey, you can crash here later if you want--hotels in New York are mad expensive.

RAISTLIN: I will not set the bed linens on fire, nor will I poison the well.

REJECTIONIST: That's very nice of you. I really think we should go to the park now. Happy International Raistlin Majere Day, everyone!