EXHIBIT A: Your friend the Rejectionist in cherished first concert shirt ("You look like a Tool ad" --the Rejectionist's friend; "Shut UP" --the Rejectionist)

I am not going to lie, this part is SORT OF AWKWARD, and googling "non-awkward ways to de-anonymize your blog" was not super helpful, so BEAR WITH ME. Let's all pretend, why don't we, that we are in the terminal hours of a very, very epic party, and we are all a little sloshed (if you don't drink in real life you can totally roll your eyes and mutter "lord why do I always end up at these stupid things, ugh") and sort of lurching around clinging to each other, and then I am all like "YOU KNOW THE REJECTIONIST ISN'T MY REAL NAME RIGHT, OH MAN, I LOVE YOU GUYS, BY THE WAY I SOLD MY BOOK" and then we all wake up the next morning and everything is slightly different but not really and we just drink a lot of water and carry on. Okay, GREAT, now that that is out of the way:


My name is Sarah, and I wrote a book. It is called All Our Pretty Songs, and it is a sort-of retelling of the story of Orpheus and Eurydice set in 1990s Seattle, with teenagers, oh MAN I am going to have to get better at my elevator pitch, right--okay it is about friendship and death and punk and love and it has a lot of bad decisions and scandalous parts, and it is really goth--come on, this is me--and it is about what happens when you love someone more than is good for you, and also it has scary monsters and did I mention scandalous parts. Like several of them. Oh! and hell of rock and roll. I think it is pretty good but I am clearly not an objective party in this endeavor. You can find out for yourself when it comes out from St. Martin's Press in the spring of 2013. Obviously I will keep you posted and I will keep writing here and really nothing at all will change except now I will not have quite such an exciting time photoshopping General Kael's head over all my pictures.

And at the risk of fully outing myself as the sentimental cheeseball I actually am: thank you, all of you, so much. For reading, for writing, for every comment whether you have commented once or a thousand times, for every message telling me something here meant something to you. For your friendship and your affection and all your words. I mean it from the bottom of my heart when I say it is impossible to quantify how much your support has meant over the last few years. I am not at all exaggerating when I tell you that the entire course of my life has shifted because of this blog, because of you, because as strange and frequently horrifying as the internet is, it is also sort of a miracle and it has brought me a lot of amazing people and amazing gifts. (Do you know four years ago I lived in Oregon and I did not even have the internet in my HOUSE? I BICYCLED TO THE LIBRARY to check my EMAIL, a TRUE STORY.) So, thank you. For real.

AND FINALLY, for those of you who have been reading from the very beginning, I will tell you now: I have never, ever, not once, used an actual query letter or manuscript excerpt here, not even a little bit, because honestly I think that's sort of mean. Now you know.