I Told You It Was Going To Get Fancy Around Here

IS THIS THE FANCIEST MOTHERFUCKING WEBSITE YOU HAVE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE OR WHAT. Okay, maybe not the FANCIEST. But STILL. Designed and coded by the fantastically brilliant Bryan Reedy, who in addition to being one of my favorite human beings on the planet is also the smartest and most talented person you will ever encounter in your entire life, bar none, why don't you get him to make you a website also, you won't be sorry.

SOME KEY FEATURES OF THIS TERRIBLY EXCITING NEW WEBSITE, in addition to GENERAL ATTRACTIVENESS: it is now easy to find out who I am (!!! I know!!! what!!!) and what book I wrote, and what books I am reading, and what posts I have written in the past. If you would like to follow this blog through google you can still do that on the "About" tab. Most exciting to me!!! and maybe to you!!! is that you can now purchase things I have written and printed and made with my own little hands!!!! and in the near future you will be able to purchase A THRILLING REVOLUTIONARY PROJECT that I am working on, more about that soon.

HAPPY CLICKING, dear creatures, and I will see you all again shortly!