Guillotine Series #2: Troubleshooting Silence in Arizona


QUITE EXCITING: THAT WHOLE ELECTION, right. But also! you can now preorder the second in the Guillotine series, Troubleshooting Silence in Arizona; plus an extremely limited special edition with a letterpress broadside. FANCY. Ships the first week of December, 2012.


A copy of Troubleshooting Silence in Arizona and a signed and numbered broadside print of a previously unpublished poem by Bojan Louis. Three-color, letterpress, 8.5 x 11", printed on archival paper in an edition of thirty.


GUILLOTINE #2: Bojan Louis. Troubleshooting Silence in Arizona.

"Colonization has a bad taste, a reason for ethnic solidarity. Because, well, not all us brown-skin motherfuckers were annihilated": Meditations on book banning in occupied territory. 16 pp., 4.5 x 6.5", letterpress cover, handbound in an edition of 200.

BOJAN LOUIS is a member of the Navajo Nation — Naakaii Dine’é; Ashiihí; Ta’neezahnii; Bilgáana. His poems have appeared in The Kenyon Review, Platte Valley Review, and Hinchas de Poesía; fiction in Alaska Quarterly Review. He has been a resident at The MacDowell Colony.

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