Why Don't You Buy Some Things

Here is Kate Zambreno's chapbook, all finished, and ready for you to order it, and here is also the limited-edition letterpress poster that comes with the special edition, which you may order as well. I am displaying these items for you whilst garbed in the Sisters of Mercy shirt I just scored off ebay for thirty dollars, which came to me direct from the basement of a friendly goth and reeked so badly of cigarettes that I have spent today attempting to fumigate it with a variety of hippie oils, biodegradable detergents, and Nag Champa, with the unfortunate result that now it just smells like someone died at a Grateful Dead concert. You see that I am wearing it anyway! So if you run into me, and I am wearing this shirt, you might be advised to keep your distance. I am relating this anecdote in case you had said to yourself recently, "I wonder if Sarah McCarry never posts anymore because she has turned into an adult." Another thing I had a hand in making is this book, which you can preorder, if you are so inclined, from the very very wonderful people at Word bookstore in Brooklyn, and it will come to you in July, signed by me, wherever you are in the world. I remain very fond of all of you.