Guillotine #4 Presale

I cannot even TELL YOU in the LANGUAGE OF WORDS how excited I am to be publishing Mimi Thi Nguyen and Golnar Nikpour's conversation on punk. No lie, friends, this chapbook is going to melt the fuck right off your face. You can preorder it now; it'll ship in mid-June. Use the discount code PUNKSNOTDEAD for $2 off your order between now and May 31. All the proceeds from the special edition will benefit the POC Zine Project's Race Riot! 2013 tour; more about that here. And if you are in New York City, you can come see Mimi in conversation with supergenius Jenny Zhang at the chapbook release party, hosted by WORD bookstore in Greenpoint. LOOK HOW AWESOME YOUR SUMMER IS ALREADY.


Mimi Thi Nguyen and Golnar Nikpour
32pp. Guillotine Series #4. June 2013.

"Punk is a moving target": Punk is an unwieldy object of study--because of fictions that circulate as truth, absences in archives and the questionable subject of recovery, and the passage of “minor” details into fields of knowledge. A conversation about the politics of methodology, and historiography, of subculture.

MIMI THI NGUYEN is an Associate Professor of Gender and Women’s Studies and Asian American Studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and the author of The Gift of Freedom. She has made zines since 1991, including Slander and the compilation zine Race Riot. Nguyen is a former Punk Planet columnist and a Maximum Rocknroll shitworker; she is also a frequent collaborator with Daniela Capistrano for the POC Zine Project.

GOLNAR NIKPOUR served as co-coordinator of Maximum Rocknroll between 2004 and 2007. She is also a founding editor of B|ta’arof, a magazine featuring art, literature, historiography, and cultural critique related to Iran and its diaspora. She was born in Tehran, Iran, and lives in New York City.


Includes a copy of PUNK and a limited-edition broadside print of PUNK IS A MOVING TARGET.

**All proceeds from the sale of the Special Edition will be donated to the POC Zine Project, whose mission is to make all zines by people of color easy to find, distribute and share. Donations will directly fund the 2013 Race Riot! Tour.