This and That

Last night I sent the second draft of my second book to my editor, and felt very pleased with myself, although it is always humbling to realize the extent to which one determinedly over-uses certain words.

I can see the great shimmering mass of the third book, suspended before me in the ether, in that lovely and glorious state when it is still unwritten and perfect and I have yet to begin the dispiriting labor of hacking my way towards it. For now I am just reading about dark matter and celestial navigation and the seafaring activities of the ancient Greeks and looking out the window in a thoughtful manner. Spring has come to New York in fits and starts and seems settled at last on sprung (if you will forgive me). Susan Miller says I will become engaged or depressingly broken up with on May 25; as I am not particularly interested in matrimony, I am uncertain what to make of this augury. After a long time of feeling as though I was at the bottom of a well it is nice to be out in the daylight again, looking around and making things.

If you are in New York please come visit me this Friday or Saturday at the CUNY Chapbook Festival, where I will be with Guillotine. Please also come see my very dear, wildly brilliant friends Bojan Louis and Kate Zambreno read at Melville House on May 8, and afterward I will ask them some Deeply Profound Questions I have not thought up yet but are sure to be Deeply Profound, and then maybe we will all paint banners and arm ourselves and march out into the night, demanding a better world than the one we have been given. Not totally likely, but you never know.