Guillotine #6: For Love or Money

"We talk a lot about the need for a politics of pleasure, and once again I’m talking not just sexual pleasure but all sorts of pleasures. To be able to say that not only should people not worry about starving to death but that they should be able to eat healthy, fresh, good food that they like. And I think it’s important to point out that this is not greed, that the myth of the greedy poor person is a distraction from the real greed, the systemic greed that’s embedded in policy. This is our right to live lives that are enjoyable, not just to pursue happiness or whatever the damn cliché is."

I am immensely delighted to bring you the sixth issue of Guillotine, For Love or Money, a conversation between the inimitable and formidable Sarah Jaffe and Melissa Gira Grant on sex, love, power, work, and how feelings have no part in the revolution. Guillotine #6 ships in March 2013; preorder it here. Preorder the special edition, with a limited-edition broadside designed by Bryan Reedy and letterpress printed by me, here.

Melissa Gira Grant is a writer and freelance journalist covering sex, tech, and politics, in the streets and everywhere else. Her reporting and commentary appears in The Nation, Wired, The Atlantic, Glamour, The Guardian, In These Times, The Washington Post, Dissent, and Slate, among other publications. Her latest book is Playing the Whore: The Work of Sex Work (Verso, 2014). More at:

Sarah Jaffe is a writer, reporter, and rabblerouser. Her work on economic justice, labor, and social movements can be found at In These Times, Dissent, The Atlantic, The American Prospect, The Progressive, and many other publications. She is co-host of Dissent magazine’s Belabored podcast, and is working on a book about social movements and financial crisis. Find her at