la musique savante manque à notre désir

Some Bad Decisions Happen

My second book is a month away from being out in the world, which is hard to believe, to be honest; this last year has been a lot of things, many of them good and some of them hard and some of them hilarious and weird and unlikely.

If you want to read part of my second book, which is about bad decisions and loving people too much and loving people not enough, and music and sex and death, and your first time dying your hair weird colors, you can do that here. If you want to see the nice things other people have said about it I have listed them here. If you want to win a copy of my second book along with a copy of my first book, signed by me and everything, you can enter a sweepstakes for those items here. And if you just want to buy my second book outright because you dislike the perilous uncertainty of contests and prefer a sure bet, you can order a signed copy from the wonderful, wonderful, wonderful people at Word bookstore here, and they will send it to you when it comes out on July 15. They will actually send it to you just after July 15 because on the day my book officially comes out I will be at space camp, but I think that's an okay excuse not to sign your books quite on time.

I have been tired and a little sad, dear hearts, I won't lie, and I took the day off for my birthday but other than that I cannot even remember the last day I went without working. You think maybe writing books will change everything even though you know better but it turns out if you are a crazy person who publishes a book you are still a crazy person, just with a book. But every other day or so I re-ink the K on my wrist in black sharpie and I am running now more than I have ever run in my life, and I can feel my legs getting stronger all the time. Do you know that scene in The Abyss, when Lindsey lets herself drown so that Bud can live, and he carries her under the ocean and back to safety, and the crew gathers around him as he tries to restart her heart, and the minutes pass, and the crew says, "It's over, Bud, let her go," and then in one great burst of love and rage he cries out "FIGHT, BITCH, FIGHT," and slaps her fiercely, and at last she comes alive again, coughing? My best friend and I text that back and forth when we are having a hard time. FIGHT, BITCH, FIGHT. You fight, too. I have been writing this blog for five years now, can you believe that? Thank you for coming all this way with me.